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  • 1

    A client presents with high serum homocysteine, fatigue, & stomach pains associated with high-protein meals such as medium-rare steak. Which of the following is most likely?

  • 2

    A 23-year old vegan client is concerned she isn't getting enough dietary iron so she seeks a nutritionist’s help about which foods she can add into her diet. A nutritionist would most likely recommend that this client eat:

  • 3

    The optimum pH level varies for enzymes; for example, salivary amylase works best at pH ______ while gastric pepsin and lipase function optimally at pH ______ .

  • 4

    Which of the following organic acids is produced by pyruvate?

  • 5

    Your client is in her third trimester of pregnancy. How much protein should she be eating per day if she is 160lbs.?

  • 6

    Glutathione is primarily made up the following amino acids except:

  • 7

    Which of the following medications should be taken away from meals because it can interfere with calcium?

  • 8

    All of the following factors impact p-value except:

  • 9

    The most appropriate food recommendation for a client with xerostomia would be:

  • 10

    All of the following botanicals may be used to treat symptoms of premenstrual syndrome except: